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WebEx Player


If you have been looking for alternatives to standard VoIP software such as Zoho and Skype the professional tools provided by WebEx Player will be a welcome change. Not only are you able to enjoy all of the functionality that you have come to expect with modern video conferencing packages but there are a number of additional unique benefits that this platform provides.

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MangaMeeya is an easy-to-use comic reader that puts a special emphasis on manga.

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Anki is a memorization system designed to help students – of anything – strengthen their long-term retention of facts. You’ll still have to do the learning yourself, but Anki’s method of drilling you means that you’ll remember the answers long after you first learned them.There are two ways of using Anki – you can either create your own questions (cards) or download other people’s decks (groups of cards) from the website.

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With MuseScore you can easily create your own music, listen to it and save professional-looking scores.

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TuxGuitar is a full-featured music composition tool that can be really helpful to musicians, whether they use their computer to produce music or not. It is a professional-grade software that will allow you to create and listen to various tablature formats.

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Jetico Scientific Calculator


A scientific calculator for science, engineering, and mathematics.

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Developed by an indie developer called OneMoreGres, ScreenTranslator is a language and translation software that quickly translates text from any opened window.

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GeoEnZo is an awesome Windows software, being part of the category Science & education software and has been created by ACJ.
Are you a secondary school or high school math teacher? And do you have a digital school board at your disposal? Then GeoEnZo may be just the computer program you are waiting for.

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